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Geometry Dash APK — [Download Link Here]

Geometry Dash APK — [Download Link Here]
  • Updated
  • Version v2.2.13
  • Requirements Android 5.0 +
  • Developer RobTop Games
  • Genre Arcade
  • Google Play
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3.2/5 - (5 votes)
Popularity 40.76% 40.76%

3.2/5 - (5 votes)

Geometry Dash APK is a wide-spread arcade-based neon-style 2D platformer. The character involved in this game particularly runs and jumps throughout the whole level, trying to skip and save itself from hitting any obstacles. These obstacles are placed in the air and on the floor and come in various types, sizes, and shapes. 

This game has many levels with varying difficulties and many surprises, such as hurdles and obstacles from cliffs, ski jumps, etc. The level editor lets the players sculpt their own level and even share it with the other players. Remember, the players have to implement various kurbits and intricate tricks to make their character reach the finish line. 

Download The Geometry Dash APK From Here

Geometry Dash 2.2.13 MOD APK is the latest updates version of the original game version, compatible with the Android 5.0/5.0+ devices. Being developed on the same theme as the original version, the game challenges the players to pass through intricately-designed rooms with a unique set of color schemes and a set of obstacles. 

Highlights Of Geometry Dash APK Version 2.2.13

The following are the updates that Version 2.2.13 brings to its users:

1. Rhythm-based Action Platforming

2. Unlock unique colors and icons to modify your character

3. Make your own game levels using the level editor and share them.

4. Many levels with distinctive soundtracks

5. Lots of achievements and rewards

6. Start with the practice mode to enhance your skills

7. Fly rockets, flip gravity, and do much more

8. Challenge yourself with the near-impossible

9. No in-app purchases

Geometry Dash 2.2.13 — How Is The The Game And Its Characters?

Geometry Dash is a mobile rhythm-based platformer developed by RobTop Games. The player controls a square character and has to guide and navigate it through many obstacles. Doing so requires quick reflexes and precise timing. 

Core Gameplay

The main gameplay involves controlling a customizable square or cube character through a series of levels filled with obstacles. The challenge lies in navigating through spikes, walls, and gaps, and all synchronized with engaging music. 

Each level is carefully created to go with the soundtrack rhythm, providing players with an attractive audio-visual experience. As players progress, the difficulty of the levels goes up, demanding accurate timing and quick reflexes.


Main Character (Cube)

The main character is a square or cube, and players have the option to customize it with various colors and icons. This customization adds a personal touch to the gaming experience but doesn’t alter the fundamental gameplay mechanics.


Geometry Dash 2.2 introduces various vehicles, each with its bespoke controls and physics:

The Ship — Glides through the air and tight spaces, requiring constant control.

The UFO — Jumps up to a fixed height whenever the player taps on it.

The Ball — Changes gravity whenever the player taps, and flips the gameplay direction.

The Robot — Jumps longer and higher than the cube.

The Wave — Moves in a wave-like motion, demanding accurate timing to prevent hurdles.

The Swing Copter — This vehicle was introduced in version 2.2. It adds new gameplay dynamics.

The Spider — Go to the closest surface when the player taps on it.

Challenge Of Mastering Characters

Geometry Dash features different vehicles and characters, each with a unique set of challenges. Players can switch between these vehicles at mid-level. This change adds an element of surprise and requires players to adapt quickly. 

Level Editor And Customization

The level editor of Geometry Dash allows players to create their own bespoke levels. This includes customizable obstacles, backgrounds, and soundtracks. As I have told you earlier, the player can share their newly-created level with the other players. 

Top Features Of Geometry Dash APK

Interesting Gameplay — Players can make the character run, jump, and navigate through various levels filled with obstacles.

Attractive Graphics — Designed with impressive 2D graphics, the color blending and combination contribute to a beautiful and realistic gaming experience.

Cross Obstacles — Players must navigate and cross obstacles present on the ceiling and floor to reach their destination.

Countless Levels — A vast number of levels, providing players with a seemingly endless gaming experience and plenty of content to explore and enjoy.

Various Gaming Modes — Beginners can start with easy and normal modes, while experts can challenge themselves with harder, insane, and demon modes. 

Win Rewards — Players can earn rewards by successfully completing levels and challenges, and use these rewards to buy in-game items.

Practice Mode — Players can learn and familiarize themselves with the gameplay, making it accessible for players of all ages.

Free to Download — Geometry Dash APK is available for free download. So, it is easily accessible to all the players. 


Geometry Dash APK offers a unique gaming experience by combining skill-based platforming with rhythm-based challenges. The game offers customizable characters and various vehicles to add depth. Users can also sculpt their own game levels with creative level editor.

I recommend this game to mobile gamers seeking a mentally stimulating and engaging experience. Try your best to lead the cube through the various obstacles and hurdles and make it reach the end so you can get your reward.

Geometry Dash APK — [Download Link Here]
Download  Geometry Dash APK — [Download Link Here] 

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