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Minecraft 1.20.50 APK — [Download Link Here]

Minecraft 1.20.50 APK — [Download Link Here]
  • Updated
  • Version 1.20.50
  • Requirements Android 5.0 +
  • Developer Mojang
  • Genre Arcade
  • Google Play
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3/5 - (9 votes)
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3/5 - (9 votes)

Minecraft, the global gaming phenomenon, is known for bringing the latest updates quickly. This way, it keeps its global community eagerly waiting for the latest versions to ensure continuous excitement and engagement. So, Minecraft enthusiasts! You have a new surprise. 

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, released the Minecraft 1.20.50 APK on October 18th 2023. Users can enjoy various new tweaks and a blend of innovative features to serve the passionate exploration and creativity of a streak of players. Be with me to explore this new world of blocks!

Download Minecraft 1.20.50 APK

Let me tell you one thing! Minecraft 1.20.50 APK, not only brings new copper and tuff blocks but also fixes several bugs and implements various technical changes. So, expect smoother gameplay, improved graphics, and better overall engagement. Download it from here!

What Is New In Minecraft 1.20.50 APK?

Minecraft 1.20.50 offers exciting new building blocks, automation possibilities, and user interface improvements, making it a significant update for players seeking fresh experiences. It boasts 

Decorative Copper Blocks

Carved Copper: Create intricate patterns from 2 Copper Slabs (same oxidation level).

Copper Grid: Transparent, Redstone-inactive lattice made from 4 Copper Blocks (same level). Mobs won’t suffocate inside, and hostile ones won’t spawn.

Copper Lantern: Illuminates surroundings that dim with oxidation. Needs Redstone activation to light up, even after removal. A Redstone signal makes the crystal glow and emits a level 15 signal. Crafted with 3 Copper Blocks (same level), Blaze Rod, and Redstone.

Copper Doors and Trapdoors: Oxidize over time, functioning like their wooden counterparts. Made with Copper Blocks (same level).

More Tuff Block Variants

Another unique material and an excellent source of construction. This update adds new variants such as Stairs, Slabs, Walls, Carved, Brick, and Polished to offer greater design flexibility.

Crafter Block: Automation Powerhouse

The standout feature of this update is the Crafter Block. It is made with Redstone Dust, Iron Ingots, a Crafting Table, and a Dispenser, and has a blast resistance of 3.5. This unique block lets you craft items automatically when connected to power. 

Revamped User Interface

The “How to Play?” screen is replaced with a comprehensive “Encyclopedia” for easier information access. Now, you can see the additional info about Netherite items in the “Encyclopedia”.

Patterned Vase

Stores one item stack. It is accessible by Hoppers, Dispensers, and Minecart Hoppers, and is detected by Comparators. You’ll need to break the Vase to retrieve the contents. Generates level 11 vibration on interaction and breaks with projectiles.

Cherry Forest Biome

Enjoy a new pink-textured cherry wood with unique resources, landscapes, and a splash of color. Players can explore this visually distinct environment, plus collect new materials and resources.

What Changes Are Made Regarding The Gameplay?

While there are many changes, the most important ones include the following:

A New Opponent

First of all, players searching for the Trial Chamber will discover both unusual finds and new challenges. Players can find Trial Spawner, a special box in dark corridors. Mobs know the players, and a new creature, Breeze, appears from the Trial Spawner.

Trial Spawner

Trial Chamber has this new alteration of the spawner mobs. The only difference is that the number of creatures popping up is directly proportional to the nearby number of players. The hero will get an impressive reward after destroying all the monsters.

Are There Any Technical Advancements In 1.20.50 APK?

Yes. Not only 44 technical changes are made in this new version, but about 36 bugs are also fixed, all sources from beta versions. So the players can enjoy stable and better performance without glitches or crashes. There is going to be lower device battery usage as well. 


In the end, I would say the Minecraft 1.20.50 APK is surely worth updating. It is a significant step forward with a set of new, updated features, such as the cherry forest biome, Crafter Block, Breeze, and more. The game is way smoother due to technical changes and bug fixing. 


How Players Can Use Copper?

Players can use copper to create unique-looking buildings, structures, and decorations. There are copper doors, trapdoors, lanterns, copper grids, and more. Use all these copper tools and equipment to construct anything you want. 

Is Breeze Dangerous For Players?

Yes, Breeze is dangerous for players. While its direct hit doesn’t do much damage, when it attacks with wind gusts, it can knock down the player. This monster can also open/close the gates, doors, and hatches in the Minecraft 1.20.50 version.

Minecraft 1.20.50 APK — [Download Link Here]
Download  Minecraft 1.20.50 APK — [Download Link Here] 
Download - 6.1 + MB

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